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2009 Malbec

Exclusive for Pritchard Hill Club Members


$41.65 club price

One of the five Bordeaux varietals, Malbec is primarily used in France as a blending grape, while in Argentina it has risen to prominence as that country’s national varietal. Malbec was grown widely throughout California prior to Prohibition, primarily for bulk wine production. Following Prohibition, the grape lost prominence until it experienced a surge of interest as a component of Bordeaux?style blends in the mid 1990s.

Winemaker Phillip Corallo-Titus uses Malbec as a great mid-palate component that delivers a big punch of color with gentle tannins. The 2007 premiere release, however, showcases just how wonderfully our Pritchard Hill grown Malbec stands on its own. It
is an eminently drinkable wine with a enjoyably rustic character, while possessing the concentration and complexity that mark a Chappellet wine. This year’s label features artwork from Carissa Chappellet’s book The Dragons of Pritchard Hill, a mythical journey into the history of Pritchard Hill.


Winemaker's Notes

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