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Orion Cruise 2013

Join Carissa and Archie on Orion Cruises!

Dear Friends of Chappellet Winery and the Central Coast Wine Classic:
We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting and educational expedition cruise to this remarkably beautiful and interesting part of planet Earth, and we hope that you will consider joining us. As indicated in the invitation from Orion Expedition Cruises, if you book by October 31, your companion’s fare will be reduced by 60%, a discount available to our group only and quite a bargain for a truly special cruise on a world-class adventure cruise line!
We very much look forward to sharing this remarkable adventure with you. Please contact Orion Cruise Lines at (800) 448- 2374 or lbergner@coastlinetravel.com or Carissa and Archie at (805) 878-3124 or archie@slonet.org, if you would like to discuss any aspect of the trip.
As always, all the best to all of you!
Bon Voyage!
Carissa Chappellet and Archie McLaren

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14 nights
Join Archie and Carissa on this unique Orion expedition, which combines the spectacular Kimberley region with the remote Spice Islands of the Indonesian archipelago. We sail from Broome, with its long and colourful pearl-fishing history, through the pristine waters of the Kimberley. The Kimberley has a rich diversity of wildlife and September is the prime time to see the world's largest numbers of migrating Humpback whales as they head north from the Antarctic to rest and calve. With spectacular excursions and forays up waterways, explore the best of the Kimberley, including the famous King George Falls. As we arrive here late in the dry season, our Zodiacs can venture even closer to the river falls.

Our expedition team will take you back in time, exploring for ancient art galleries of indigenous rock art. The uninhabited island of Satonda, and the tiny fishing village of Kenanga on nearby Sumbawa present fascinating contrasts. Discover the culture and art of these remote islands with fascinating welcoming ceremonies and traditions like the Pasola horseback fighting of Kodi. With the dramatic prehistoric dragons and gorgeous pink sands of Komodo and the ancient culture of Sumba that pre-dates the prominent Hindu and Christian religions of the area, this is a brilliant combination of Kimberley and the Spice Islands.
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