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January 15, 2013
We are in what some would call the "slow" part of the year.  The vines are asleep, the weather is cold, and it would seem that there wouldn't be too many out door activities going on...


October 3, 2012
Harvest 2012 - So far, a GREAT vintage!
Picking season is here on the hill.  I am writing this with semi-sticky hands after we just picked our first block of reds (Merlot) here at Chappellet this morning.  Merlot typically comes in first, with Cab Franc and Malbec a close second. Cabernet will be coming in in about a week or two.

In the later part of this growing season, we have seen pretty moderate temperatures without a lot of fluctuation.  This has led to slow and steady ripening of all varieties...


August 6, 2012
Veraison!  Veraison has arrived in the valley and seems to be moving by pretty quickly.  Having 2010 and 2011 still fresh in the mind skews my perspective a bit on what is normal here in the valley.  I'm often saying to myself that we are really far ahead and this year is looking great! (great: referring to early harvest and fruit quality) 

I then have to remind myself that in terms of the vine's physiological processes, this year is closer to average. (in terms of degree days, [heat accumulation during the course of a growing season].  That is not to take anything away from what looks to be an extremely high quality year.  It really is looking great out there!...


June 14, 2012
This seems like another appropriate time to blog about the happenings in the vineyard.  We have moved from concentrating our efforts on groundwork and under vine cultivation to concentrating on the canopy.  Now that our canopies here on the hill have just about filled out, its time to position them, remove shoots, and tuck all that lovely greenery into the trellis...


May 6, 2012

Its spring and things are moving!

We get pretty busy at this time of year as the vines are now in full motion.  Because things are moving quickly in the vineyard, we do as well.  There is a lot of ground work which includes mowing, mechanical under vine cultivation, and hand under vine cultivation...


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