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Carissa and Archie Cruise the Rhone

Carissa and Archie's Cruise Down the Rhone River, Provence, France

March 28, 2012

Blog 1:

Yes we're off on yet another adventure, maybe not quite as exotic as Africa or the Antarctic, but it's FRANCE! So how can we go wrong?

We are on our way to join 16 Pritchard Hill Wine Club members and 6 Central Coast Wine Classic patrons; we will meet in Arles, France.

There we will board the AmaDagio Ship for a 7 day cruise up the Rhone and Saone Rivers.

We managed the long day of travel from SFO to Marseille without trouble (just narrowly missed the strike in Frankfort, where we had our connecting flight) 

Arrived in Marseille in time for a world class dinner at Gerald Passedat's located at Le Petit Nice, overlooking the bay.  We were there just in time for a fantastic sunset.

We of course took the chef's recommendation and dove into his special tasting menu of the night!  The entire 7 course menu was FISH!  Plus a few bonus courses thrown in and Dessert!  Oh, did I mention an over-the-top cheese cart!

We began with a rose champagne from then savored an incredible White Burgundy from Meursault with the remainder of our dinner.

After such a welcome to France dining experience, we promptly set our heads on the pillow and proceeded to sleep soundly for 11 hours.

Rested, we snapped a few photos and caught a cab to Les Baux de Provence, and as only Archie could do, we have found ourselves in the fabulous LaCabro D'Or (the Golden Goat!)  Everything you ever dreamed Provence to be comes to life here.  The hotel is tucked onto the side of the cliffs of Les Baux de Provence, with the Alpilles jutting out of the land surrounding us.  We had a cappuccino and orange juice midday and are still trying to recover from last night's meal so that we'll be ready for tonight's dinner at La Caro d'Or by chef Michel Hulin, featuring market fresh, local cuisine.

Hoping to set into the Paradoxical Universe Sensory Pool which is said to be an aqua-sensorial experience complete with Multitonic Geyser and other bubbling jets!

OK, off to enjoy the wonders of Provence.
Post By:   carissa

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