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Vineyard Happenings

Vineyard Happenings - June

by Andrew Opatz

This seems like another appropriate time to blog about the happenings in the vineyard.  We have moved from concentrating our efforts on groundwork and under vine cultivation to concentrating on the canopy.  Now that our canopies here on the hill have just about filled out, its time to position them, remove shoots, and tuck all that lovely greenery into the trellis. 
There are a host of reasons why we spend so much of our time on the canopy.  The canopy is the engine of the vine!  The leaves in the canopy are what drive the plant to grow, pull water and nutrients from the ground, and provide shade during the day for the developing berries (there are a ton of other functions the canopy serves)

We are also staying busy with planning the development of the Anderson property, 15 acres behind Cyrils, and the vineyard next to the winery.  We are currently working on a strategy to relocate our 3 resident owls that are still there in the middle of the vineyard we are pulling (next to the winery).  We had the tractor avoid pulling the vines that were right under the box so as not to disturb them. 

This picture was taken by our webcam on the roof of the winery:

Post By:   andrew

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