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Waiting for reindeer...

Fall on Pritchard Hill is truly quite like no other place...

Having been a resident of  the Napa valley for many years, my experience of  the seasonal change has always been from the valley floor. Here, the noise of  traffic is replaced by wild turkey gobbles (yes, a rafter of  wild turkeys was foraging in front of  our office for a few days), city lights are replaced by twinkling stars and sounds of  a neighborhood are exchanged for crow caws and hawk screeches. Young deer timidly graze, as squirrels scamper, providing tranquil midday entertainment.

As it seems vines grow by the hour during summer, leaves seem to change color by the day in the fall. One cold weekend can turn remaining foliage on trees to paper thin, rust colored ornaments on trees. Tangled branches of  vines begin look like webs, having “caught” the remaining yellowed, tattered leaves.

I invite you to join us for this magical, transitional season. Tours and tastings are less impacted and if  Mother Nature cooperates, lunching at the Meadow can be an awesome treat. Call for an appointment – see you on the “Hill”.

An exciting new club level will be introduced in 2013, the Collectors’ Club, with added benefits to members of  that level. Twice yearly, members will receive a case of  Chappellet Cabernets, consisting of  a case of  Signature Cabernet and a case of  Pritchard Hill Cabernet. Contact us for details.
Best regards for a Happy Holiday Season,
Jo Dayoan, Wine Club Manager
Post By:   Jo

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