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Winter in the Vineyards on Pritchard Hill


JANUARY 15, 2013

We are in what some would call the "slow" part of the year.  The vines are asleep, the weather is cold, and it would seem that there wouldn't be too many out door activities going on. 

We try to take advantage of times like this to get little projects done in the vineyard.  This week we are working on our irrigation system.  In the hills, soils vary from block to block and even within a single block.  Over the years, we have been able to identify variations within certain blocks.  We are adding drip lines and breaking up irrigation sections in those blocks to be able to address these variations through irrigation management.  This will help to eliminate any potential weak sections, or overly vigorous sections in the vineyard.

We have made a pre-pruning pass through most of the vineyard and will be continuing the pre-pruning next week.  Pruning will start shortly after that.
We are also finishing the trellis installation on the final 6 acres 3 (blocks) behind Cyril's house.  The guys have run the drip hose and are now punching emitters into the hose.  The next step will be to get the dormant bench grafts (dormant vines that have been grafted onto their rootstocks at the nursery) and plant them into the ground in the spring.
Post By:   andrew
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