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 Since 1967, the Chappellets have been dedicated stewards of Pritchard Hill. This stewardship is demonstrated in the winery’s extensive sustainable and organic practices:

  • Chappellet’s entire Pritchard Hill ® vineyard was certified organic by CCOF in 2012 
  • In 2008, Chappellet unveiled a 20,000-square-foot solar photovoltaic system that generates enough energy to offset 100 percent of the winery’s electricity bill. Over 30 years, it will reduce greenhouse gases by 4,513,275 lbs.
  • Chappellet has an extensive onsite grape pomace composting program, producing approximately 400,000 pounds of compost each year.
  • To conserve water, Chappellet installed a grey water reclimation plant that takes water from the winery and treats it so we can use it for irrigation.  
  • The Chappellets have maintained the natural integrity of Pritchard Hill. Only 16 percent of the property is under vine, the rest remains uncultivated.
  • Vineyard equipment runs on 50 percent biodiesel.