Karen Trippe - Wine Club Manager

We were thrilled to promote Karen Trippe to the role of Wine Club Manager in March.   Two new Ambassadors have joined our team but Karen will still take care of all of our California Club Members.  So if you live in CA then Karen is your go-to gal for everything Chappellet. 

Karen was raised in Orinda, CA, just outside of San Francisco.  As a kid, she dreamed about becoming a perfume maker.  Wine beckoned to her when she realized it had all the complex smells of perfume, AND you could drink it.  She was Sold!

To Karen, wine is a story to learn, Napa Valley is heaven on earth and Pritchard Hill is where her heart is happiest.

She came to work at Chappellet because it was an opportunity to live the history of Napa Valley and hopefully have a positive effect in shaping its future.

When Karen first climbed Pritchard Hill, she thought she was lost!   But seriously, now that Karen has herbearings (it only took a few years!) she is amazed at the beauty and strong sense of place all around her.  There is a sense of peace that Karen says she has not found anywhere else.

We all wear a lot of hats at Chappellet, but to sum up Karen's job, she says "I send wine to our members, try to make them smile and work to cultivate a positive experience at Chappellet on all fronts."

When we bottle our 75th vintage in 2042, Karen hopes people think of Chappellet as a Napa Valley legend that has honored its heritage by consistently making fantastic wines and nurturing lasting, happy relationships with our customers.  Karen says that being an active part of making that goal a reality is the most exciting part of her job.