Chappellet Gears Up as Honorary Chairs for Auction Napa Valley 2012



Twice a year, the valley is abuzz with activity- in fall during harvest and the first weekend of June when the valley hosts Auction Napa Valley.
This year, The Chappellet Family and Chappellet Vineyard & Winery will serve as Honorary Chairs for the event that will be held May 31 – June 3, 2012. Over the past 31 years, the event has raised over $103 Million to support ongoing health and education programming for valley residents.
“That’s $103 Million that has been directly sent to health and education organizations,” said Cyril Chappellet, “The event makes a profound impact on our community and it’s been an honor throughout the planning process to be involved.”
While the event is a chance for visitors to spend four magical days in our valley, the impressive philanthropic effort that vintners and volunteers put in to produce the event is amazing. Over 300 wineries participate directly, whether serving on committees, hosting private parties, blending special wines for the Barrel Tasting, or creating unique and engaging auction lots for the E-Auction and Live Auction.
This year, the cuisine will shine as brightly as the wine with Thomas Keller and his Ad Hoc team creating the Saturday Lunch menu and Guest Chef Emeril Lagasse cooking up a signature storm for the Live Auction Dinner.
This kind of event doesn’t happen overnight- it takes months of planning and coordination and since last spring, all members of the Chappellet family have been involved to some degree, with Molly, Cyril and Blakesley continuing to take lead roles.
Molly is creating the “Look and Feel” for the event with her creative team and design committee. Though her concept has yet to be unveiled, she was recently spotted walking vineyards throughout the valley sourcing materials. Ultimately, her decisions will drive the design elements that will filter into every aspect of the 4-day event. Molly also traveled to Hong Kong and Shanghai this past December to attend dinners honoring top auction bidders who regularly attend ANV.
Chairing the Steering Committee keeps Cyril on the go between meetings 4 – 6 times each month as he champions the efforts of the 17 committees required to pull off the event. When he isn’t traveling for the winery, he and Blakesley travel for the auction, appearing at bidder appreciation dinners throughout the country. Dinners this year included New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. 
In her role as Chairman of the Live Auction Lot Committee, Blakesley is working with over 40 wineries to craft high caliber auction lots featuring opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences spent traveling with vintners to exotic destinations. Each lot includes a wonderful selection of Napa Valley Gold: Wine, that is! From the most beautifully etched large-format bottles to rare, celebrated vintages, winning bidders will go home with Napa Gold to grace their cellars.
Jon-Mark spearheaded the Chair’s Barrel Lot with Phillip Titus, who blended a unique Bordeaux Blend from the 2010 vintage called “Pritchard 43” to signify the 43rd vintage at Chappellet. The development of an adventure-driven Chair’s Live Auction Lot and E-Auction Lot are well underway under the careful eye of Auction
 Coordinator Susan Hayes. A team of Chappellet Employees will be on hand at the Friday and Saturday events to extend to visitors the warm hospitality our winery is known for.
A key reason Auction Napa Valley is considered “the most successful wine auction in the world” is the personal involvement of winery owners. “Vintners take a personal role in every aspect of the planning,” says Cyril, “and that is one of the key reasons attendees say they return year after year- it’s all about the personal relationships they have developed in the valley.”
Supporting their work is the staff of the Napa Valley Vintners Association led by NVV Director of Marketing Stacey Dolan-Capitani. This talented team has been executing the auction for over three decades and continually strives to make improvements and enhancements each year.
We hope to see you this spring at ANV2012 where you can expect Chappellet-style hospitality and a feast for the senses. Find out more about Auction Napa Valley 2012 by logging on to